Our Products

Supplying to Kuala Lumpur (KL) and Selangor

Network Cabling (LAN)

Price: RM180 - RM250
Free Consultation

Laptop / Desktop Dust

Price: RM 90.00-150.00
Dust removal & Thermal Paste replacement

SSD for Laptop & Desktop

Price: RM150.00-RM 350.00
Kingston /Adata/ Western Digital

Laptop LCD

Price: RM250.00-RM550.00+
11 inches /13 inches/14-17 Inches

Laptop Battery

Price: RM180.00 - RM385.00
Various Brands available

Computer Power Supply (PSU)

Price: RM120.00-160.00

Laptop Keyboard

Price: RM150.00-RM300.00
Various Brands available