What to Do Before Sending Your Laptop in for Repair


You should know what to do before sending your laptop computer in for repair. Because you may be concerned about the confidential information on the drive and do not want anyone to see it if you decide to drop it off for repair. If your warranty has expired or you have overclocked your hardware, you must request a paid repair, but you must consider if you should pay for the repair or get a new computer.

A computer has an average lifespan of 5 to 8 years. If you use it for an extended period of time, many parts will eventually deteriorate and malfunction. However, if you are connected to your computer and wish to fix it, the question that comes at this point is, “What measures should be taken before shipping the computer for repair?”

First, assess how much valuable information, passwords, or personal data you keep on your computer. Many people save login information for their email, social networking sites, and even banks! Such information should never end up in the wrong hands. So, here’s a computer repair checklist:


Login with Your User ID and Password

Many folks are perplexed as to what to do with the user account password. If the staff asks when you want repairs and you have no problem informing them, I believe you can just tell them.

Also, if fingerprint authentication is enabled, it is best to disable it. After repair, the password for the user account can be changed. If it makes you feel uneasy, replace it after the repair. Alternatively, you can create a guest account and have it confirm your repair work.


Backing Up Local Files and Folders before sending your laptop

A personal computer is a treasure trove of personal information, and there may be individual differences while sending the personal computer for repair. Even still, many people are concerned about their privacy.

If you become concerned, it may be safer to erase all of the data on your computer and send it for repair after you have backed it up. It is important to note that backup data services are not always available; also, data on your computer may be destroyed during the repair process – another reason to back up personal files. Save them to the cloud or external HDD.

After you’ve backed up your important data, you can erase it from your computer. You will feel more secure knowing that the technician will not check it without your permission.

You can always us an online backup service that uses the latest cloud technologies, which will also give you peace of mind incase your computer is hit by viruses or ransomware.


Delete Browser History and Passwords

It may surprise you to discover the history of browsers. You don’t want anyone to know what kind of website you were looking at. If you are concerned about this, delete it before giving it for repair. Not only can one read the history, but one may also access all the logins ID and passwords stored in the browser of numerous sites.

That is why you must delete all of your browser’s saved passwords, clear history, log out of all online and social media accounts, and leave no visible file traces with the names: private, personal data, login information, bank account/credit card numbers, etc. and other sensitive files you do not want others to see.

Before deleting, make a backup of all the passwords you use for messengers and websites (Email, Instagram, Facebook, Reddit, Snapchat, bank passwords, etc.)


Remove the Drive from the Device

This is one of the most dependable methods (and it will work even if the computer stops turning on and Windows does not boot). To access the disc, just detach the protective cover screws and remove the drive. Ensure that nothing is left inside as long as the repair isn’t concerned with these removable drives. This ensures the security of your data.

Modern operating systems may encrypt all data on a hard drive.  You can lock drives other than the C drive in Windows 10, such as D, E, and F.


Choose an Excellent Service Centre

Although it may appear that everyone understands this, the most important advice is to find a reputable firm when taking the device for technical help. This ensures not only a quality repair, a guarantee for new parts, and the device’s subsequent long-term performance, but also the safety of confidential data on the hard drive.

KL Computer Services with a strong track record is able to perform such services with great quality and affordability. Our professionals have the necessary training to address all of your laptop problems effectively.

By completing the measures outlined above before bringing your laptop to a service centre, you will preserve your privacy and avoid the destruction of any saved data during repairs.

Also, before turning over the equipment to professionals, remember to remove any additional accessories such as screen protectors, cases, pendants, and so on. Visit KL Computer Services Kuala Lumpur to get a free estimate for your laptop or desktop repair.  We provide convenient  pickup and deivery for businesses located in Kuala Lumpur and Selangor.

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