When To Upgrade Your Laptop

Upgrade Your Laptop

What are the signs that it’s time to upgrade your laptop to a newer model? There are tell-tale symptoms that your device is nearing the end of its usable life, or has already passed that point – and that’s what we’ll look at in this post from KL Computer Services– the best laptop repair in Kuala Lumpur service provider.

In particular, we’ll look at some of the most common signs that, in an ideal world, it’s time to consider buying a new laptop. However, you may not have much of a choice if you run into the most serious of problems: your laptop being fully dead, physically damaged beyond repair and so on.


Upgrade Your Laptop
Upgrade Your Laptop

Device Does Not Power On

This is the ultimate nightmare scenario for all laptop owners: you push the power button, and nothing happens – there are no signs of life. There are some simple troubleshooting measures you can do in this circumstance. To begin, connect your notebook to the power supply (if it isn’t already) and try to turn it on again.

If it’s plugged in, make sure the cable isn’t loose, and it could be worth trying a new power outlet (just in case – doubtful, but you never know). Also, utilize a wall socket rather than an extension cord in case the latter is damaged.

In any case, if your laptop still won’t turn on after you’ve tried some simple troubleshooting – and it’s out of warranty – you’ll have to decide whether to take it to a repair shop or dealer to get it fixed by an expert.

This is where you must assess the advantages and disadvantages – how much will the repair cost? If an essential component within the laptop has failed, such as the motherboard, replacing it could be costly.

And if your laptop is old and out of date, plus it wasn’t particularly expensive, you could be better off investing a bit extra money (maybe not much more) on a completely new computer.

Image – Dell XPS 15 Laptop Power Button (KL Computer Services)

Overheating Issues

Is your laptop getting too hot after a long period of use? Is there any part of the chassis that feels unusually warm? Is your computer making a lot of noise, with the fans inside spinning as if their lives depended on it a lot of the time, and are your programmes or games running slowly in general?

When laptops get older, they can acquire heat-related issues that manifest themselves in several ways. These could be caused by the age of internal components, the stress they’ve been subjected to over time, and the amount of heat that builds up inside the laptop’s chassis. Cleaning your laptop is important. It is also crucial to keep your laptop running cool while using.

It’s possible that a professional repair shop can help – for a fee, of course – but in all likelihood, overheating and slowing down on an older notebook is just one of the indicators that it’s time to upgrade.

Image – Dell XPS 15 Laptop Cooling Fans / Heatsinks (KL Computer Services)

Hard-Drive Hang-Ups

Are you using a laptop with HDD? These are now functionally bulky old bits of storage technology. Solid-State-Drives commonly known as SSD have long since supplanted them due to their superior speed. You’ll notice a significant improvement in overall performance when you switch from a laptop with a hard drive to one with an SSD.

This comes into the category of your ‘laptop being old,’ however modern notebooks can still include hard disks. Hard disks, in addition to being slower, include physical moving components, making them even less ideal for a laptop than a desktop PC – simply because notebooks may be dropped, and hard drives can be damaged (with potentially devastating results if you haven’t backed up your data).

So, if you’re still using a laptop with a hard drive, it’s definitely worth considering upgrading to a new laptop with an SSD only to benefit from the latter’s performance and reliability.


Image – Dell XPS 15 Harddrive & Battery (KL Computer Services)

Upgrade Your Laptop

Apart from these major issues that your laptop might face as it gets old, there are few other faulty issues that might pave the way for a new computer. Sometimes your laptop is really just too old to run the latest software and programs smoothly.

A less responsive or damaged keyboard or exhausted battery life all can be the reason for a new purchase. Even the weight of old generation laptops might make you think of a new one due to the portability offered by the latest ultra slim laptop models.

If any of the above factors don’t apply to your laptop right now, but appear to do so in the near future, it might be a wise move to get a good price while you still can. Even if none of these are a concern, if you are gadget-savvy or can’t resist those mega-tech deals during festive seasons, then it’s worth trading your laptop for a new one.

KL Computer Services has a solution when you think about when to upgrade your laptop and is glad to help you repair or exchange your old and faulty laptops for the latest models in Malaysia.